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Portable Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Control Brightness and Magnification - 8 Inch HD LED

Portable Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Control Brightness and Magnification - 8 Inch HD LED

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Introducing our Portable Lighted Vanity Mirror, an indispensable tool for your beauty routine. Crafted with precision, this desktop mirror features touch-sensitive controls, a magnifying option, and multiple lighting modes to ensure your makeup is flawless in any setting. With its 360-degree rotation and durable construction, it combines functionality with convenience.

  • Touch Control & Adjustable Brightness: Effortlessly adjust lighting to match any environment with a tap.
  • Magnification for Precision: Achieve flawless application with the magnifying side, perfect for eyeliner & brows.
  • Multiple Light Modes: Find your perfect lighting with warm, cool, or natural light options.
  • 360° Rotation: Easily adjust the viewing angle for optimal convenience.
  • Compact & Portable: Folds flat for easy storage in your purse or travel bag.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, so you can create flawless looks wherever you go!
  • Color Options: Available in elegant rose gold or sleek silver.

  • Mirror Type: 8 inch HD colorless mirror with a silver-plated reflective surface.

  • Touch Sensor: Responsive and user-friendly for light adjustments.

  • Charge Duration: A single charge provides up to one week of lighting.

  • Base Stability: Designed with a sturdy base for secure placement.

Diameter: 8 inches

  • Adjustable Brightness: Touch dimmable sensor for the perfect light intensity.

  • 360-Degree Rotation: Offers flexibility and ease of use from any angle.

  • Three Light Sources: Includes warm, natural, and cold light modes.

  • Magnification: Features a single-sided curved magnifying glass for enhanced clarity.

  • USB Charging: Convenient and easy charging for weekly use.

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Gently touch the sensor switch to cycle through warm, natural, or cold light modes and to adjust brightness.
Yes, the magnifying side enhances detail for precise makeup application.
Absolutely, it is USB chargeable and holds a charge for up to one week.
Yes, the 360-degree swing rotation allows for effortless positioning.
It is available in both rose gold and silver finishes to match your style.
The LED lights are designed to be gentle on the eyes while providing clear, adjustable illumination.
With regular use, the mirror typically needs recharging once a week.
Yes, the base is engineered for stability to keep the mirror upright during use.
The HD mirror can be wiped clean with a soft cloth, and the frame should be cleaned with a dry towel.
While designed as a desktop mirror, its USB charging capability and stable base make it portable as needed.