Top 5 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors in 2024

Mirrors provide clarity for achieving flawless makeup results. These offer reflection and ensure that every contour and detail is perfect. 

Lighting also plays a crucial role in illuminating facial features and revealing details that might go unnoticed.

The latest lighted makeup mirrors for makeup combine the functionality to offer a clear reflection of every detail. High-quality lighted makeup mirrors offer adjustable brightness to simulate natural daylight.  These ensure that makeup is applied under the most comfortable and optimal conditions. Read on to find the best-lighted makeup mirrors in 2024 based on real-time testing.

Highlights Of Top 5 Best Makeup Mirrors 

  • Editors Pick: Lumina Pro Lighted Vanity Mirror, which features multiple advanced lighting modes and a 10X magnification mirror for detailed makeup application, best for everyone including MUAs, professionals, and everyday makeup. 
  • Hollywood Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror by Lumina Pro: Offers a glamorous design with dazzling LED bulbs and adjustable brightness.
  • Lenora LED Mirror by Eurofase: Have integrated LED lighting with a aluminium frame and touch dimmer.
  • Allegro Lighted Mirror by Séura: Known for high color accuracy and is perfect for modern interiors.
  • LED Bathroom Mirror by Target: Features dimmable LED lights and a frameless design.

Our Way of Choosing Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirrors must meet high standards of quality to ensure maximum functionality. We considered multiple factors for selecting the best-lighted makeup mirrors:  

Lighting Quality:

Fine-tuning brightness levels is essential for achieving the best results during makeup application. We’ve chosen mirrors with multiple lighting modes to offer the best results in every environment.   

Design and Aesthetics:

Mirrors with robust frames ensure durability and a long lifespan. The mirror’s size and shape also play a role in every interior décor.  

Functionality and Features:

Touch control helps you adjust brightness and change color modes. The memory feature allows the mirror to recall the last used settings. Mirrors with 360° rotation or adjustable angles offer flexibility in positioning.  

Value for Money:

The cost of the mirror should reflect its features and overall performance. We considered mirrors that provide the best value for money and accommodate every budget.  

User Reviews and Feedback:

Feedback from other users provides insights into the mirror’s performance. We’ve considered the products with high positive ratings from customers.   

Lighted Vanity Mirror By Lumina Pro


The Lumina Pro Lighted Vanity Mirror is an innovative addition to any makeup routine. These offer multiple advanced features that combine convenience and style. The lighted makeup mirror wall-mounted has versatile lighting modes to enhance your makeup application experience. 




$119.99 USD

Power Supply

USB (5V2A)

LED Bulbs

9 built-in bulbs


Width: 9.84 inches

Length: 11.81 inches

Lighting Modes

3 Color Modes: Natural light, warm light, and cold light

Brightness Options

Adjustable brightness


Key Features 

  1. Three Color Lighting Modes: The mirror offers three distinct lighting modes to suit various needs: 
  • Natural Light: It simulates daylight and is perfect for general makeup application. 
  • Warm Light: This lighting mode provides a cozy ambiance and is ideal for evening looks. 
  • Cold Light: It offers bright and clear illumination for precision tasks. 
  1. Adjustable Brightness: You can adjust brightness to create a customized lighting experience. It ensures optimal visibility with soft and ambient lighting. 
  2. Smart Touch Screen: The lighted 20x magnifying mirror has a smart touchscreen interface. You can switch between lighting modes and adjust brightness. The intuitive control system enhances user convenience and ensures a seamless experience. 
  3. Memory Function: The built-in memory function remembers the settings you last used. It saves users' time and effort by eliminating the need to readjust the mirror each time you use it. 
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect your phone or other devices to the mirror. You can enjoy music to add a touch of entertainment to your beauty routine. 
  5. Wireless Charging: The mirror features wireless charging features. It is compatible with devices supporting wireless charging. It keeps your smartphone and other gadgets powered up while you use the mirror. 
  6. 360 Degree Rotation: The lighted mirrors bathroom can rotate to 360 degrees. It provides flexibility in positioning and ensure that you can view yourself from any angle. This feature is essential for achieving a comprehensive and symmetrical makeup application. 
  7. 10X Magnification Mirror: It has a detachable 10x magnifying mirror to offer detailed close-ups. The feature helps in intricate beauty tasks such as applying eyeliner and tweezing eyebrows.  

Hollywood Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror 

The Hollywood Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror by Lumina Pro offers glamour and functionality. It is inspired by the iconic lighting of Hollywood dressing rooms. The mirror has 6, 9, or 12 dazzling LED bulbs. It enhances your beauty routine with its luminous illumination and elegant design.   




$79.99 USD

Power Supply

USB (5V2A)



LED Bulbs

Available in options with 6, 9, or 12 bulbs

Brightness Adjustment

Yes, adjustable brightness

Key Features 

  1. Dazzling LED Bulbs: The lighted makeup mirror is available in configurations of 6 to 12 LED bulbs to create a luminous room. This setup ensures optimal visibility for precise makeup application and grooming tasks. 
  2. Elegant Design: The mirror is available in a sleek design. It adds a touch of luxury to any vanity or dressing table.   
  3. Adjustable Brightness: It has multiple LED bulbs to suit your preferences and lighting needs. The mirror offers softer ambient lighting and focused illumination. It ensures flexibility in your beauty routine. 
  4. Easy Control: The mirror is easy to control with simple touch-sensitive buttons. It enhances user convenience and allows users to adjust settings effortlessly. 
  5. Memory Function: The mirror remembers your last brightness setting to ensure that your preferred lighting level is retained each time you use it. This feature adds convenience by eliminating the need for readjustment. 
  6. Variety of Configurations: It is available in three configurations to help you choose the size that best fits your space and lighting requirements. Each configuration offers the elegant design and functionality for different needs. 

Lenora LED Mirror by Lumens   


The Lenora LED Mirror by Eurofase is a premium lighted makeup mirror that enhances modern interiors with functionality. The mirror is a sophisticated addition to any space. It includes a clean aluminum frame that has integrated LED lighting.   






$550.00 USD

Finish Options

Aluminum, Gold

Mounting Orientation

Vertical or Horizontal


Width: 22", Height: 30", Depth: 2"

Key Features   

  • Integrated LED Lighting: The built-in LED lights are mounted along the perimeter of the mirror. It produces a warm and even glow that enhances visibility.
  • Touch Dimmer: The lighted makeup mirror wall mounted comes with a touch dimmer and allows users to adjust the brightness with a simple touch.    
  • Energy Efficiency: The Lenora LED Mirror is an energy-efficient choice that doesn't compromise performance.  
  • High Color Rendering Index: It provides excellent color accuracy for tasks that require true-to-life color representation. 

Allegro Lighted Mirror by Séura   


The Allegro Lighted Mirror bathroom provides exceptional lighting. These lighted mirrors for makeup are known for quality craftsmanship and innovative lighting. The lighted 20x magnifying mirror has a modern design to enhance the aesthetic appeal.   






$891.00 USD

Sizes Available

Width: 24" - 60", Height: 36" - 42"

Lighting Technology

Radiant COB LED Technology™

Dimming Options

Wall Switch, Touch Control, Touch Control with Defogger

Mounting Orientation


Key Features   

  • Radiant COB LED Technology: The Allegro Lighted Mirror wall mounted uses Radiant COB LED Technology. It ensures powerful illumination to enhance the user's visibility. 
  • High Color Rendering Index: The Allegro Mirror offers excellent color accuracy that is crucial for tasks requiring precise color differentiation.   
  • Dimming Options: It offers dimming options and touch control dimming with a defogger. You can adjust the brightness with a touch. 
  • Easy Installation: The lighted makeup mirror wall mounted has a two-piece wall mounting system. It is hard-wired for a free-floating appearance with no visible cords.   
  • Customization: Séura offers various customization options and additional features. It allows users to tailor the mirror to their specific needs. 

LED Bathroom Mirror by Target   



The lighted makeup mirror with magnification is a modern and functional addition to any bathroom. This mirror offers a blend of contemporary design and advanced features to enhance the bathroom experience. The LED Bathroom Mirror features a sleek and frameless design with rounded square corners.  





The Pop Home


$249.99 (Sale Price)

Original Price



40" x 32"

Glass Thickness

0.2 inches

Key Features   

  • Touch Button Controls: The mirror has three touch-sensitive buttons located at the front. These buttons control the brightness and defog functions.  
  • Dimmable LED Lights: Its dimmable LED lighting allows users to adjust the brightness. These are suitable for various tasks from makeup application to general grooming. The LED lights can be set to three color temperatures. 
  • Anti-Fog Function: The mirror includes a built-in defogger. It ensures that the surface remains clear even after hot showers.  
  • High Color Rendering Index: The mirror has a high CRI to ensure that colors are distributed accurately and naturally. This is particularly beneficial for tasks such as applying makeup.   
  • Two Power Connection Options: The mirror offers flexible installation options with two power connection methods. Users can plug the mirror directly into a wall socket using the provided power plug. 

Final Words

Mirrors are essential beauty tools that offers flawless makeup application. Lighted mirrors for makeup offer customizable lighting options that mimic natural daylight and enhance visibility. This article explored the top 5 best-lighted makeup mirrors of 2024. From sleek designs to advanced features, each mirror reviewed here caters to different needs. For those seeking a blend of innovation and reliability, Lumina Pro stands out with its commitment to quality. It offers a superior beauty experience to meet the needs of all users.


1. Are lighted makeup mirrors easy to install and use? 

Most lighted makeup mirrors are designed for easy installation and use. Many mirrors have touch controls and USB power supply options for your ease.  

2. How do you choose the right size of a lighted makeup mirror? 

You can select the size of the mirror according to your needs.  

  • Small 6-8 inches size is best for travel and small spaces. 
  • Medium size of 8-12 inches is best for daily use on a vanity or dresser. 
  • Large 12-24 inches size is suitable for permanent vanity or dressing table installation. 
  • The extra-large size of 24+ inches suits professional makeup studios or large dressing areas.  

3. What should I consider regarding the power source of a lighted makeup mirror? 

You can power lighted makeup mirrors using standard USB connections and direct plug-in to a wall socket. You can choose a convenient power source that fits your needs.  

4. What is the Color Rendering Index in a lighted makeup mirror? 

A high CRI ensures that the lighting in the mirror reflects the colors of natural daylight. The precise color differentiation helps you achieve a more natural and true-to-life look.

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