Ring Lights

Why do you need to have lights for selfies and makeup?

Are you tired of struggling to find the right filter for your selfie? Do you do your makeup at home only to go out and find that you put on way too much blush or eyeshadow?

These are common problems when you don’t have the proper light for selfies and makeup! Professional selfie and vanity lights can help you see yourself better and take great photographs of your makeup design. Plus, you’ll avoid color hue issues such as the harsh green or orange glows you get from standard lighting.

For example, did you know that fluorescent lighting produces a greenish cast? That’s why you may look washed-out or sick under bright overhead lighting in your office or workplace! With a professional selfie light, you can keep the color in your face and proudly take selfies you can hashtag #nofilter!

What type of selfie lights does Lumina Pro offer?

A professional makeup mirror is ideal for your vanity. But if you need to take selfies or portraits somewhere else, try a ring light! It produces vibrant light without strange hues or wash-out effects.

At Lumina Pro, we have two options. Our portable 12” Desk Ring Light has both cold and warm settings (blue and yellow hues), plus a dimmer. This means you can set yourself up for the perfect selfie wherever you are! The Desk Ring Light even comes with a phone holder. Use this light for doing makeup tutorials at your computer, running a livestream, or taking the perfect selfie in any indoor location.

We also have the 18” Professional Ring Light, which has 6 mounting positions so you can use this along with your smartphone or camera. It also comes with a tripod and several clamps so you can put it just about anywhere! The lighting is fully dimmable and can be adjusted for coolness or warmth. This ring light is ideal for photographing your clients or doing a video interview. Tweak the settings to enhance both natural complexion and the makeup design!

Why buy lights for makeup and selfies from Lumina Pro ?

All our lights for selfies and makeup portraits are salon-grade, with bright LED lighting and adjustable color temperature. We’ve designed our lights for any situation, whether you need some desktop illumination or professional lighting for a full photo shoot!

A selfie light or ring light can help you take better photographs and truly illuminate your or your client’s best complexion. Invest in a professional light for selfies and portraits today — you won’t regret it!

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