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Upgrade your beauty routine with Lumina Pro's stunning collection of lighted vanity mirrors! We offer a variety of styles to suit your needs, including Hollywood mirrors for flawless makeup application, tabletop mirrors for portability and convenience, and elegant crystal mirrors that add a touch of luxury to your bathroom or vanity.

Discover exceptional features like adjustable lighting, magnifying options, and sleek designs. 



Did you know that most artificial light is created by heated metals and electron exchanges? This means that artificial light often produces distorted hues that are quite different from natural light! For example, a basic incandescent bulb produces an orange-ish glow that does not mimic natural sunlight. Because orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel, incandescent light cancels out any blue shades.
If you use fluorescent lights, you are being illuminated by the side effects of mercury turning into ions. This causes a greenish cast that reduces red tones, which can make you look pale.
In either case, your makeup application will be flawed because you’re not seeing how your skin will look in natural, ambient light. Plus, harsh lighting and distorted hues can disrupt your makeup design. It can be hard to know how much blush you need if your fluorescent lights are canceling out your warm colors!
The solution is to have a professional makeup mirror with the right type of lighting. Full-spectrum LED lighting that mimics sunlight provides a natural blend of blue and peach hues, which provides a “base” color palette for your makeup design. This is the closest you will get to natural light. You can see the actual tones of your face, so you can avoid using too much red, green, blue, or yellow as you do your makeup!
Another problem is that standard bathroom mirrors and other vanity lighting often have only a few bulbs. The wattage is too low to mimic natural light, so you may see shadows on your face as you’re trying to do your makeup.

Lumina Pro has two options for vanity mirrors with lights that will illuminate your face properly. The first, the Hollywood Mirrors with Lights, is 100 centimeters long and 75 centimeters high. There are 15 3-watt LED bulbs, each of which has the brightness of a 25W incandescent bulb but without the heat or orange-ish hue. The bulbs surround the top and sides of the mirror, allowing you to fully illuminate your face with neutral, natural lighting.
If you need to do your or your client’s makeup for a certain type of lighting (e.g. an interior space such as a club or banquet hall), look no further than our Crystal Vanity Mirror. This mirror is framed by LED lights with tri-temperature controls. You can choose from “cool” lighting (bluish hues), “warm” lighting (yellow-ish hues), or “neutral” lighting (a balance of blue and yellow).

All our vanity mirrors are designed to provide the best possible illumination for makeup art. With low-heat, sustainable lighting, you will be able to see perfectly as you do your or your client’s makeup. Plus, you’ll avoid the harsh effects of standard lighting or poor wattage. This means you won’t accidentally apply too much rouge or the wrong hue of lipstick.
Also, Lumina Pro’s vanity mirrors provide Bluetooth speakers for a fun cosmetics experience! Both the Hollywood Mirror and the Crystal Vanity Mirror link to your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can play your favorite music as you do your makeup design. It’s the luxurious makeup experience you deserve!

The Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers and Crystal Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while you get ready comfortably. The range of the speakers is designed to reach 5.5 feet (2 meters), which is perfect for personal listening. Pair your phone or device to the Bluetooth speakers and play media from your library or stream your favorite tunes, podcasts, or even TV shows. Listen to what you want while at your vanity table. Set the tone for the day or night ahead of you, and make your makeup routine or applying your creative makeup design even more enjoyable.

The Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers and Crystal Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers are full-size, but they aren’t full-length mirrors. This means it isn’t designed for you to be able to see yourself from head to toe, nor is it a trifold mirror. The Hollywood Table Top Mirror is designed to be compact and convenient while giving you great lighting and a glam experience. These mirrors are designed to give professional makeup artists and aspiring MUAs the perfect lighting for their makeup application, whether they’re shooting makeup tutorials, preparing for a portrait or photoshoot, or getting ready for the workday or a night out.

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