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If you’ve ever tried to do a client’s makeup while they’re sitting in a regular chair or on a couch, you know the struggle. They will tend to slouch or struggle to get comfortable, and you’ll have to lean over them or crouch to apply makeup. This can lead to shadows cast on their face, sore backs, and overall discomfort — not what you want your glam makeup experience to be!

A good makeup chair makes both you and your client comfortable. It provides back, head, and arm support so the client can remain still and not fidget. Plus, the chair is an ideal height for the makeup artist to do their work without having to squat or lean over. This helps prevent back pain and places you right at eye level with your client!

A director’s chair can be a great choice for makeup artists because it is elevated and provides good body support. The soft yet stretchy material, vertical backrest, and armrests help people sit upright without straining themselves. However, director chairs are often not adjustable, so if you (or your client) is a bit taller or shorter than average, it’s not ideal.

A professional makeup artist chair from Lumina Pro comes with a headrest, which most standard director’s chairs don’t have. This provides comfy support for the head, so your client is better able to keep still and enjoy the makeup experience! Plus, the headrest is adjustable so you can find the perfect position for your client. The Lumina Pro also features a footrest for ultimate comfort and stability.

Lumina Pro’s makeup chairs are made from lightweight yet sturdy materials, so they’re easily transported to your client’s home or shooting location.

When you invest in a professional makeup chair, you show that you’re committed to your client’s comfort. It’s also better for you so that you don’t have to squat or lean into your client’s light to do your work. You’ll be able to apply makeup with greater ease and comfort. And because the makeup chair is so comfy, your client won’t mind sitting still while you work your magic! The adjustable headrest ensures that they can simply lean back and relax. It’s the perfect way to cut back on cramping that makes your clients uncomfortable, as well as fidgeting that could mess up your work.

Lumina Pro’s makeup artist chairs pair perfectly with our professional, adjustable ring lights. This way, you can get the perfect lighting without the worry of casting shadows or over-lighting one side of the client’s face. Both our chairs and our ring lights are ultra-lightweight, so you can set them in a way that makes both you and your client comfortable. Check out our PRO Artist Starter Kit for bundled savings on our chair, ring light, and travel case!


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