Vanity Mirrors

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    Our LED globe bulbs last longer and use less energy. Dim them as you please to create a flawless look for any time of day.



    Carefully designed with beauty enthusiasts in mind, we use minimal and premium aluminum to create optic-quality mirrors.



    Conveniently plug your phone, tablet, blow dryer, straightener, and other hair accessories into the mirror.

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About Our Products

Vanity Mirrors

All of our mirrors are designed to give professional makeup artists and aspiring MUAs the perfect lighting for their makeup application — whether they’re shooting makeup tutorials, preparing for a portrait or photoshoot, or getting ready for the workday or a night out. They will glam up your vanity and look great with any home decor.

The Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers is our deluxe mirror. It has 15, 3-watt, removable LED bulbs and a lightweight aluminum frame, and the back is built from sturdy iron to give the mirror durability and longevity.

The Crystal Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers has an LED light strip with tri-color lighting modes. Choose from cool white lighting (blue hues), warm lighting (yellow hues), or neutral lighting (a balance of blue and yellow) so your selfies, makeup tutorials, and videos will always look their best.

Lumina Pro’s Hollywood Table Top Makeup Mirror is easy to transport and fits comfortably on a smaller makeup vanity. Its LED bulbs are designed to have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The mirror can swivel 360 degrees and comes with a removable magnifying mirror for adding or correcting fine details of your makeup application.

All of our mirrors have adjustable touch screen controls that will give you dimmable, even illumination that removes shadows and simulates natural sunlight.

Cosmetic Organizers

We’ve all tried DIY options for organizing our vanity at some point — from pencil cases to mason jars. But if you’re serious about taking care of your valuable tools, nothing beats Lumina Pro’s clear acrylic organizers. Store your jade rollers, eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliners, nail polish, palettes, and more in style.

The Makeup Brush Holder with Lid is perfect for professional MUAs and makeup enthusiasts who want to elevate their vanity and protect their brushes from contaminants and humidity. Choose between medium 3-slot and large 5-slot designs.

Lumina Pro's 5 Drawer Acrylic Makeup Organizer is designed for pro MUAs and makeup aficionados with large collections of products. It can also be used as a jewelry case, so you can keep your rose gold earrings separate from your silver necklaces! Conveniently store your cosmetics in style. Expand your storage space with the 4 Slot Acrylic Beauty Sponge Holder.

Ring Lights

If you’re away from your vanity, you still need great lighting for makeup application! Lumina Pro’s 18” Professional Ring Light and portable 12” Desktop Ring Light produce vibrant light without strange hues or wash-out effects.

Lumina Pro’s 18” Professional Ring Light has 6 mounting positions, so you can use this along with your smartphone or camera. It also comes with a tripod and several clamps so you can put it just about anywhere! The lighting is fully dimmable and can be adjusted for coolness or warmth. This ring light is ideal for photographing your clients or doing a video interview. Tweak the settings to enhance both natural complexion and the makeup design!

The 12” Desktop Ring Light has cold and warm settings (blue and yellow hues), plus a dimmer. Set yourself up for the perfect selfie wherever you are! It even comes with a phone holder. Use this light for doing makeup tutorials at your computer, running a livestream, or taking the perfect selfie in any indoor location.

Makeup Aritst Chair

Whether you’re a professional MUA or a makeup enthusiast, you deserve to sit in comfort at your vanity. Especially if you have clients sitting in your chair for hours, comfort is essential for them and for you.

If you’ve ever tried to do a client’s makeup while they’re sitting in a swivel desk chair, solid wood dining chair, or living room accent chair, you know the struggle. They tend to slouch or struggle to get comfortable, awkwardly reclining or sitting bolt upright. And you’ll have to lean over them or crouch to apply makeup. This can lead to shadows cast on their face, sore backs, and overall discomfort — not what you want your makeup experience to be!

Lumina Pro’s MUA Makeup Chair with Headrest provides back, head, and arm support so your client can remain still and comfortable. The chair is the ideal seat height for you to do your work without having to squat or lean over like you would for a home office chair. This helps prevent back pain and places you right at eye level with your client for an excellent beauty salon experience!

Standard hair salon chairs or barber chairs can become uncomfortable quickly as they lack headrests for support, and tall directors chairs often are not adjustable.

The MUA Makeup Chair with Headrest has adjustable height and provides comfy support for the head, so your client is better able to enjoy the makeup experience! The chair has a comfortable backrest and features armrests and a footrest for ultimate comfort and stability without the need for a separate vanity stool or makeup stool.

With durable fabric upholstery, the seat is easy to clean compared to tufted or faux fur materials on other chairs. It’s the perfect styling chair or vanity chair to cut back on cramping that makes your clients uncomfortable, as well as fidgeting that could mess up your work. This portable makeup chair is foldable and made with a lightweight, yet sturdy metal frame and materials, so it’s easily transported to your client’s home or shooting location.

Makup Storage

Lumina Pro’s MUA Rolling Travel Case can hold makeup, brushes, hair products, and other essential supplies. Like a typical train case, it contains stackable compartments and has a handle on top. This allows you to carry the case upright and prevent makeup from spilling over.

This professional makeup trolley case has additional zippered compartments to store brushes, heat styling tools, and more. One side contains vertical pouches — perfect for transporting hair products or makeup brushes. Each of the interior pouches can be detached, so you can arrange your products at your workstation as you like. No more digging through a typical trolley case’s fold-out drawers to get to everything you need!

Plus, the Lumina trolley case has sturdy wheels and an extending handle, so you can roll the case as you travel. This is helpful if you already have bags to carry or if your supplies are particularly heavy. Once you arrive at your destination, simply unzip the case and pull out the pouches you need.

Skincare Tools

Lumina Pro’s Facial Ice Globes are the perfect way to reduce inflammation and give your skin a firm, healthy appearance. These sturdy glass bulbs are filled with a special chemical that produces a chilling sensation. They’re reusable and don’t melt or make a mess like ice cubes!

Use them to massage your face. The cool temperature causes your blood vessels to constrict and your skin to tighten. When the blood returns, it brings in new nutrients and stimulates your cells. This boosts your skin’s elasticity, which can help reduce wrinkles!

The LED Facial Mask for Light Therapy uses the healing powers of LED technology to renew your skin. While sunbathing makes you feel renewed and healthy, LED light therapy does this without harmful UV exposure or sweat-inducing heat! It naturally stimulates cell production and helps eliminate bacteria that could cause acne. Light therapy helps rejuvenate your skin, heal acne and dark spots, and give you a natural glow.

Lumina Pro’s Skincare Fridge with Cool and Warm Settings lets you keep rollers, ice globes, face masks, and serums chilled, so they work better. This mini fridge is specially designed so your skincare products won’t freeze like they might in a standard refrigerator. This beauty fridge also has warm settings, so you can heat up your hair masks and oil treatments.


The PRO Artist Starter Kit includes the MUA Makeup Chair with Headrest along with Lumina Pro’s 18" Professional Ring Light and the MUA Rolling Travel Case. Get the folding makeup chair, ring light, and carry bag all for one price at checkout!