Collection: Skincare Tools

Why Do You Need to Have Skin Care Tools and Products?

 Our skin endures a lot of stress, whether you’re stuck indoors in a dry environment or frequently exposed to sunlight. Add in environmental toxins and fast diets, and our faces bear the signs: premature aging, dark circles, acne, and puffiness.
You deserve to look and feel your best, which is why self-care should be a crucial part of your routine! No need to wait for your salon appointment: now, you can invest in your very own tools for at-home facials and specialty skincare. The right products and equipment make a world of difference! Read on to learn about the unique skincare products that help you get a healthy glow — whenever you like from the comfort of home.

What Type of Tools Lumina Pro Does Offer?

Ice Globes

Ice globes are the perfect way to reduce inflammation and give your skin a firm, healthy appearance. While you may know about using ice cubes to glow up your skin, ice globes are a reusable alternative. They are not actually ice but rather sturdy glass bulbs filled with a special chemical that produces a chilling sensation. (They don’t melt or make a mess, either!)
Ice globes are simple to use. Simply place them in your freezer or beauty fridge, then massage your face. The cool temperature causes your blood vessels to constrict and your skin to tighten. When the blood returns, it brings in new nutrients and stimulates your cells. This boosts your skin’s elasticity, which can help reduce wrinkles!

Light Shield

Light therapy uses the healing powers of LED technology to renew your skin. Think of how sunbathing makes you feel renewed and healthy. The difference is, LED light therapy does not include harmful UV exposure or sweat-inducing heat! It naturally stimulates cell production and helps eliminate bacteria that could cause acne.
Plus, light therapy can help reverse the effects of sun damage and aging. It can reduce the brown spots you’ve gotten from sun exposure and boost blood flow and cell production, which are crucial to healing and restoring your skin.
A light shield emits LED waves toward your face, allowing you to bask in healing light without causing damage to your skin. Light therapy helps rejuvenate your skin, heal acne and dark spots, and give you a natural glow.

Mini Skincare Fridge

Many skincare products, including rollers, ice globes, face masks, and serums, work better when chilled. You could keep them in your regular refrigerator, but why do that when you could have a dedicated place to store your products?
A skincare fridge, also called a beauty fridge, is the perfect solution. Most models have adjustable settings and are modulated to keep your skincare products at the ideal temperature. This way, you don’t have to worry about products getting too cold (or not cold enough). Some models also have a warmer setting so you can heat up hair masks and oil treatments.

Why Buy Skin Care Tools from Lumina Pro?

Lumina Pro is proud to offer ice globes aka facial rollers, light therapy shields, and mini beauty fridges that are designed with both function and aesthetic in mind.
The Skin Freeze Beauty Fridge is designed to store all your skincare products and tools at the optimal temperature. Lumina’s mini beauty fridge is unique in that it is both energy-efficient and powerful. Plus, it has a cute, customizable design that makes it a perfect addition to any vanity. Chill your face creams or ice rollers, or use the warmer setting to heat up hair oil treatments and face masks.
Lumina Pro’s Facial Ice Globes are small yet pack an icy punch. Designed with ergonomic handles and sturdy glass orbs, these face massagers are excellent for lymphatic drainage, puffiness reduction, at-home facials, and even headache and sinus relief. Simply pop them into your beauty fridge and give yourself a delightfully cool massage. No need to fuss with fast-melting ice cubes or cold wet towels.
If you’d like to level up your at-home facial toolkit, invest in Lumina Pro’s powerful LED Light Shield. With three colour modes each offering a different type of light therapy, this hands-free face shield is ideal for treating acne, improving skin tone, and reducing inflammation. Lumina’s unique shield design makes it simple to give yourself a facial anywhere. Choose the red light mode for redness reduction, blue light for acne, and amber for anti-aging.
Lumina Pro aims to make your vanity and glam room as comfortable as possible so you can have an amazing self-care experience. Shop our selection of skincare tools and make at-home facials a breeze.

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