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Should the Vanity Mirror be as Wide as the Vanity Table?

If you're anything like us, you've dreamt of having a Hollywood vanity mirror with lights to get ready in since childhood. There's something so glamorous about one of the Lumina Pro makeup mirrors to gaze into first thing in the morning. No more accidentally overdoing the blush due to dim bathroom lighting or ending up with poorly blended foundation (yikes!).

So, you know you want a mirror on your vanity table, but how do you decide on the best size? We see a vanity mirror as an investment piece, which is why we created this perfect size guide. Read on to discover everything you ever wanted to know about the world of light-up mirrors. We promise it will be an enlightening read.

Vanity Mirror Sizing: Interior Design Rules

Before you read on, remember rules are meant to be broken, and if any of these so-called interior design rules don't speak to you, you have our full permission to ignore them!

Generally, it is advised that your vanity mirror measures several inches smaller than your vanity. The reason behind this is to avoid overpowering your space and creating a crowded effect.

That means that if you're going for something like the PRO Hollywood Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers, you want to ensure your vanity table extends out past it. This is also useful for storage on either side of your mirror. In this example, the mirror's base is ca 41 inches, and we recommend you pair it with a vanity of 43 inches or more for that full-on backstage glamour feeling.

PRO Hollywood Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers


Did you start salivating reading about the size of this ultimate makeup mirror just now? You're in luck because you're about to hear more about this vanity mirror for professionals and true beauty aficionados.

Is your vanity larger than life, just like you, and deserving of lights to make your makeup skills shine? The PRO Hollywood Mirror truly ties together any dressing room as a centerpiece and conversation starter.

The PRO Hollywood Mirror features:

  • W: 100cm x H: 75cm x D: 6cm
  • a crystal clear reflective surface
  • adjustable lighting thanks to fifteen 3W bulbs
  • built-in BlueTooth speakers
  • 2 USB ports and 2 power sockets
  • intuitive touch screen

Pssst, if you're the kind of larger-than-life person who has to have this mirror in your life, you may want to consider a beauty fridge to keep all your lotions and potions at an ideal, refreshing temperature.

Hollywood Table Top Makeup Mirror


Do you want all of the PRO Hollywood mirror's glamour without needing much space on your vanity or in your bank account? The Hollywood Table Top Mirror may be the perfect option for you.

The inspiration for this mirror is still firmly rooted in the golden age of Hollywood but doesn't require the dressing space of an A-lister. It is the perfect set-up for the person who wants to take a little bit of glamour with them wherever they go.

Your tabletop mirror will feel right at home on a 23 cm wide and up vanity. Fantastic if you only have a small nook for your evening beauty ritual.

The Hollywood Table Top Makeup Mirror features:

  • W: 21cm x H: 22cm x D: 9cm
  • flawless mirrored surface
  • adjustable touch screen lighting via nine 3W bulbs
  • premium iron frame to tilt 360 degrees

Your new makeup mirror deserves a clean and decluttered surface to grace. Is makeup organization a concern in your home due to a collection to rival any Hollywood stars? We've got an excellent article on how to organize your makeup collection.

A quick note on light bulbs: all of our vanity mirrors come packaged with all the bulbs included. Should the time come to replace a light bulb? You can find the same standard frosted light bulbs we supply with your mirror here. There's nothing more annoying than having a bulb fail on you when you're laminating your brows. Thankfully, we work with LED bulbs with a lifespan of 10-plus years. The eco-conscious option!

Crystal Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers


Is your look sleeker and more understated than Hollywood starlet? You're lucky because we've created one of the most beautiful and high-tech makeup mirrors with the Crystal Vanity Mirror. Perfection for anybody who desires form and function rolled into one.

Unlike the above options, this mirror features three color temperature settings and adjustable brightness. Do you know what kind of lighting you'll be in once you leave your house? Why not match your application lighting to ensure you look your best. We understand 6400 Kelvin daylight lighting may be a bit much first thing in the morning.

We suggest a vanity of 65 cm in width and above to let this mirror shine as a statement piece.

The Crystal Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers features:

  • W: 60cm x H: 78cm x D: 6cm
  • flawless mirror and crystal frame
  • adjustable lighting and color temperature via energy-efficient LED lights
  • built-in BlueTooth speakers
  • intuitive touch screen
  • 2 USB ports

Keep your precious brushes clean, dust-free, and bacteria-free in this gorgeous five-slot makeup brush organizer with lid—the perfect pairing for your new vanity mirror.

About: Lumina Pro

Did this help you find the perfect vanity mirror for whatever vanity table size? Fantastic! Remember, if you want a mirror double the size of your vanity, we won't stop you. Design rules are totally meant to be broken.

At Lumina Pro, we are on a mission to help beauty devotees like you look and feel their best through ultra-customizable luxury tools. Whether you're a professional makeup artist or an at-home beauty aficionado, we know you deserve the very best to elevate your craft and take self-care up a notch.

Let us combine the beautiful with the high tech. We will always give you innovation and passion. We don't mean to brag, but our happy customers will sing our praises for us.

Got a question? Contact us. We're just a message away from offering you the best beauty solution.

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My first vanity mirror was a bit wider than my table – never again! Not only was it ugly on the eye, but the logistics of it were much more complicated. A thin one like you have in your image is my kind of friend now. Thanks for the article, really enjoyed it!


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