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LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Touch Dimmer

LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Touch Dimmer

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Introduce a touch of professionalism to your beauty routine with the LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Touch Dimmer. This high-quality vanity mirror is a beauty room essential, equipped with 14 frosted LED bulbs to provide optimal, even lighting for flawless makeup application. Crafted with a durable aluminum frame, iron back, and MDF base, this mirror combines style with functionality, making it a staple in any beauty enthusiast's collection.

  • Material: Aluminum frame, iron back, and MDF base

  • LED Bulbs: 15 pcs x 3W (14 + 2 spare)

  • Weight: 37 lbs

  • Warranty: 12-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase

  • Width: 31.50 inches (80 cm)

  • Height: 25.59 inches (65 cm)

  • Depth: 6 inches (15 cm)

  • Premium Illumination: Equipped with 14 frosted LED bulbs, ensuring bright, consistent lighting without glare.

  • Smart Touch Controls: Adjust settings easily with intuitive touch controls for lighting adjustments.

  • Connectivity: Includes 1 USB port to charge devices, enhancing convenience.

  • Versatile Placement: Designed for use on a tabletop or wall mounting with included hardware.

  • Easy Setup: Arrives mostly assembled for quick and straightforward setup.

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The LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror stands out with its large mirror area framed by 14 LED bulbs for superior lighting, smart touch controls for easy operation, and a convenient USB port for charging devices, making it a multifunctional addition to any beauty room.
To keep the mirror spotless and streak-free, regularly wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth dampened with a mixture of water and vinegar. This simple cleaning solution will help maintain the mirror's clarity and reflective quality.
Yes, the LED bulbs can be easily replaced if needed. They are standard size and readily available at most hardware or lighting stores, ensuring you can maintain optimal brightness at all times.
Yes, the LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror is ideal for both professional and home use. Its professional-grade lighting, large viewing area, and additional features like a USB charging port make it perfect for detailed and precise makeup applications.
The touch controls are user-friendly and responsive. You can adjust the brightness of the lights with just a simple tap or swipe, allowing for effortless customization of your lighting environment.
The mirror arrives mostly assembled. You may need to attach the base if using it as a freestanding mirror, and if wall mounting, all necessary hardware is provided for quick installation.
The mirror's design ensures stability whether mounted on a wall or placed on a table. The base is designed to be heavy enough to prevent tipping, and when wall-mounted, the included hardware secures the mirror firmly.
Yes, the materials, including aluminum, iron, and MDF, are chosen for their durability and longevity, ensuring the mirror can withstand regular use in a variety of settings.
The LUXE Hollywood Vanity Mirror not only aids in perfect makeup application but also includes a USB port for charging smartphones or other devices, enhancing its functionality as a modern beauty accessory.