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12 inch Mini Ring Light with Stand in Black and White Color

12 inch Mini Ring Light with Stand in Black and White Color

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Illuminate your selfies with our 12" mini, small, desktop selfie ring light with Stand. Perfect for influencers, vloggers, and content creators, this portable light provides flawless lighting for videos, photos, and live streams. Adjustable brightness and color temperature ensure the perfect lighting every time. 

A mini, lightweight and portable take on our conventional ring light. Pop it on your desk as a compact alternative to floor lights. Carry this lightweight, portable ring light and have perfect lighting wherever you go!

Color Temperature: 3300-6000K (cold & warm settings)
Features: dimmer + adjustable head
Includes: Ring light + stand + base + phone holder
Power supply: USB
Warranty: 12-month manufacturer warranty

Height: 12 inches

Base width: 7 inches

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As an aspiring or professional MUA, you probably know the value of good makeup lighting. Proper illumination that resembles daylight is the best light for makeup design. Most MUAs use LEDs for this purpose because they produce a brilliant white light that is distributed evenly on the client’s face. An LED ring light is, therefore a common fixture in makeup studios.
But what if you’re an on-the-go makeup artist? You won’t always have space to set up your ring light. Or a beauty vlogger? You need better illumination than your desk lamp!
The solution is a desk ring light, one that can be placed just about anywhere. It provides powerful illumination, just like a full-size LED makeup light, but with a compact, portable design — perfect for your vanity, recording booth, or pop-up makeup design for your clients.

In addition to full-size professional ring lights suitable for a makeup studio or photoshoot, Lumina Pro offers a mini LED ring light. Our desktop ring light is 12 inches across compared to our full-size 18-inch light. This is plenty of illumination for short ranges, such as taking selfies or applying your makeup at your vanity. You can also use this mini ring light if you’re doing a client’s makeup in a non-traditional space. It’s compact and lightweight enough to be set up anywhere: backstage, in a tiny dressing room, a small apartment, etc.
Like the full-size ring light, this mini ring light includes a mount for your smartphone or camera, and you can adjust the color temperature from 3300K to 6000K for both cold and warm settings. This is ideal for perfect makeup application even if you’re not in a professional studio. Plus, get the optimal selfie lighting — every time!

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a beauty vlogger, you need high-quality lighting wherever you go. Sometimes, it’s not feasible to set up a full-size light — or you may need multiple makeup lights on location. You may also want a dedicated lighting source on your vanity or desk and save your full-size light for gigs.
In any case, a diversity of proper makeup lighting helps you stay prepared for anything. Our professional-quality desktop ring light provides powerful illumination that simulates daylight, allowing you to easily apply your makeup and take perfect selfies once you’re done!