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Large Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror with RGB Color Changing Backlit and Dimmable Anti-Fog Features

Large Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror with RGB Color Changing Backlit and Dimmable Anti-Fog Features

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Elevate your bathroom with our LED vanity mirror, designed for enhanced functionality and style. This mirror features RGB backlit and front-lighted settings, suitable for precise makeup application or shaving. With eight adjustable RGB modes and three front light modes, customize your lighting from warm to cool to match any mood or need. Operate effortlessly with smart touch controls. Constructed from 5MM tempered glass, the mirror is shatter-proof and built to last. Installation is simple, with options for both hardwired or plug-in setups. Whether enhancing your home or a professional setting, this mirror combines luxury and practicality, offering a modern solution to bathroom lighting.

  • Materials: 30% Aluminum Alloy shell + 70% HD Glass mirror

  • Input Voltage: 100-277V

  • Output Voltage: 12V/ 24V

  • Wattage: 18W-72W

  • Color Temperature: 2800K-6500K

  • Certifications: CE, UK CA, UL, SAA

  • Waterproof Rating: IP44-IP65

  • Lifespan: > 20,000 hours

Various sizes available

  • RGB Backlit + Front-lighted: Double lighting options with dimmable controls for perfect ambiance.

  • Multiple Light Modes: Choose from 8 backlit and 3 front light modes.

  • Smart Touch Switch: Easy operation for adjusting brightness and switching modes.

  • Anti-Fog Function: Keeps the mirror clear even in steamy conditions.

  • Memory Function: Remembers your last settings for convenience.

  • Shatter-Proof Glass: Ensures safety and durability.

  • Easy Installation: Options for hardwired or plug-in setups, with all mounting hardware included.

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Our LED vanity mirror is available in various sizes ranging from 23.62" x 35.43" to 72.05" x 35.43", accommodating different bathroom sizes and user preferences.
Yes, the RGB backlight can be adjusted to various colors including specific shades like pink, red, green, and blue, along with light modes like cold light, white light, and warm light, providing ample options for creating the desired mood and functionality.
The anti-fog feature activates quickly to clear any condensation from the mirror surface after a hot shower, ensuring the mirror remains clear and usable without the need for wiping.
Yes, the mirror is designed for easy installation, with the option to either hardwire it into your bathroom’s electrical system or plug it into an existing outlet. It includes sturdy wall brackets and all necessary hardware for secure mounting.
We offer a comprehensive warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship, ensuring that you can rely on our product for years to come.
The mirror can be easily cleaned using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to maintain the integrity of the glass and reflective surface.
Our bathroom vanity mirror is certified with  UL standards, ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations.
Yes, the brightness of the front lights can be easily adjusted using the smart touch controls, allowing you to set the ideal lighting for makeup application or other grooming tasks.
Absolutely, the LED lights are designed to be energy-efficient, with a low power consumption that reduces energy costs while providing ample brightness.
With its sleek design, versatile lighting options, and smart features like adjustable brightness and color settings, this LED bathroom mirror is perfect for modern aesthetics. It enhances convenience with its anti-fog capabilities and memory function, ensuring optimal functionality in any contemporary bathroom setup.