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Large Makeup Vanity Desk with Mirror, RGB Lights, and Built-In Power Strip

Large Makeup Vanity Desk with Mirror, RGB Lights, and Built-In Power Strip

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Enhance your beauty routine with our versatile Makeup Vanity Table, featuring built-in lighting and power options. This vanity table includes a power strip with two USB ports and plug sockets for easy charging and use of beauty appliances. Adjust the ambiance with three light modes via a touch key, and choose from models with a tech-savvy LED mirror offering RGB lighting and Music Sync, or a classic Hollywood mirror for a glamorous touch. Ample storage includes two drawers, a makeup tray, and adjustable cabinets. The vanity arrives ready for simple assembly with everything needed in one box.
  • Material: Wood, glass, metal

  • Color Options: Black (Hollywood mirror), White (LED mirror), White (Hollywood mirror)

  • Power Cord Length: 5.9 feet

  • Depth: 18.2 inches

  • Width: 50 inches

  • Height: 61.4 inches

  • Built-In Lighting: Three adjustable light color modes with a touch button for brightness control.

  • Built-In Power Strip: Includes two USB ports and two AC outlets for convenient charging and power supply.

  • Ample Storage: Features two drawers, a makeup tray, two cabinets, and adjustable shelves.

  • High-Quality Finish: Available in black or white with a durable wood finish.

  • Mirror Options: Hollywood vanity mirror for the black model; LED mirror with RGB lights for the white model.

  • Music Sync Mode: (Available in the white model with LED mirror) Sync your lighting to music for an immersive experience.

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Yes, the vanity desk comes with three different color modes, and brightness can be adjusted via a touch key to create the perfect lighting environment for your makeup routine.
The black model includes a Hollywood vanity mirror, while the white model offers an LED mirror with customizable RGB lights controlled via a mobile app.
The vanity features two drawers, a makeup tray, and two cabinets with adjustable shelves that can be set to three different heights to accommodate various item sizes.
Yes, the vanity desk is designed for easy assembly. It arrives in one box with all necessary pieces labeled, including installation tools and clear instructions.
Available in the white model with an LED mirror, the Music Sync mode allows the RGB lights to flash in sync with the music playing, creating a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere as you get ready.
The built-in power strip includes two USB ports and two standard AC outlets, making it easy to charge mobile devices and power beauty tools like hairdryers and curlers.
The vanity desk is constructed from high-quality wood, metal, and glass, ensuring durability and a stylish appearance that lasts.
Yes, in the white model, the LED mirror's RGB lights can be controlled via a mobile app, offering a wide range of colors and light modes, including a fun Music Sync feature.
The vanity desk can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals to protect the wood finish and clean the glass components with a suitable glass cleaner to keep it smudge-free.