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Magnetic Silicone Makeup Brush Holder with Built-in Cleaning

Magnetic Silicone Makeup Brush Holder with Built-in Cleaning

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Introducing the LUMINA PRO Large Magnetic Makeup Brush Holder, your ultimate companion for organized and stress-free beauty on the go! Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this makeup brush holder is tailored to meet the needs of makeup enthusiasts like you. 

Elevate your travel makeup game with the LUMINA PRO Large Magnetic Makeup Brush Holder. Order yours today and experience beauty organization like never before!

Material: Collapsable Silicone
Features: magnetic closure, brush cleaning feature, breathability
Warranty: 12-month manufacturer warranty

Height: 8 inches

Width: 2 inches

Depth: 1 inch

🌟 Magnetic Closure Design: Our innovative Magnetic Closure design sets this makeup brush holder apart. It's not just lightweight and compact; it's also incredibly spacious. Measuring at 8.27x2.361x.57 inches, it's slightly oversized to accommodate all your travel brushes securely. 

🪄 Anti-fall Out Assurance: Say goodbye to makeup mishaps with our Magnetic Anti-fall Out Makeup Brush Holder. The ergonomic design features side Magnetic Closure openings, ensuring easy access to your makeup essentials without the worry of spills. 

🌿 Skin and Environment-Friendly: We care about your skin and our planet. That's why our cosmetic brush holder is crafted from soft, polyurethane silicon foam. It's gentle on your skin and eco-friendly. Plus, there's no pesky silicon smell that could trigger allergic reactions, and it won't trap dust like other materials. 

💧 Effortless Cleaning: Tired of struggling with stubborn mascara marks? With LUMINA PRO's cosmetic brush holder, cleaning is a breeze. A little soap and water are all it takes to maintain its pristine condition, without any risk of shattering or distortion. 

💪 Built to Last: We understand the demands of makeup fanatics on the move. That's why our makeup brush organizer is built to withstand rough and tough handling during your travels. No spills, no breakages – just peace of mind. 

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