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MUA Rolling Travel Case

MUA Rolling Travel Case

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Designed for professional, mobile hair and makeup artists. This lightweight kit will keep your entire collection safe and organized.

Height: 21 inches (54 cm)
Width: 14 inches (36 cm)
Depth: 10 inches (27 cm)

  • 4 detachable canvas pouches
  • 4 zip compartments on the exterior
  • 2 x sturdy double wheels
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Makeup and hair products are notorious for leaking, breaking, and turning upside down when you travel. If you’ve invested in high-quality products, this could be a nightmare! A sturdy makeup trolley case keeps your supplies safe and enhances your professionalism. You’ll be able to travel to your clients anywhere and quickly set up shop — without having to sift through scattered makeup pots and brushes.

Also called a train case, a makeup trolley was designed to transport cosmetics while traveling. It typically contains stackable trays that can’t be overturned. Some versions also have zippered pockets and side panels — perfect for packing small items and storing makeup brushes upright.

Lumina Pro offers a rolling travel case that can hold makeup, brushes, hair products, and other essential supplies. Like a typical train case, it contains stackable compartments and has a handle on top. This allows you to carry the case upright and prevent makeup from spilling over.

However, our professional makeup trolley case has additional zippered compartments to store brushes, heat styling tools, and more. One side contains vertical pouches — perfect for transporting hair products or makeup brushes. Each of the interior pouches can be detached, so you can arrange your products at your workstation as you like. No more digging through a typical trolley case’s fold-out drawers to get to everything you need!

Plus, the Lumina trolley case has sturdy wheels and an extending handle, so you can roll the case as you travel. This is helpful if you already have bags to carry or if your supplies are particularly heavy. Once you arrive at your destination, simply unzip the case and pull out the pouches you need.

You don’t want to arrive at your client’s event or home with a bunch of random bags and disorganized makeup containers. Not only will you need more time to get set up, but you also won’t have the professional presentation you want. Your supplies could also get damaged as they knock around a standard bag.

Most makeup travel cases, such as the small zippered ones, aren’t meant to accommodate a makeup artist’s needs. They may have only a few pockets — if at all — and they’re often not designed to keep products upright and organized. Items such as pressed powder eyeshadows can shatter very easily. And no one wants to open their makeup case to find foundation spilled everywhere.

While typical train cases with the fold-out bins are a better solution, they still have some issues. You typically can’t remove the trays, which can be frustrating if you want to keep products sorted at your workstation. There’s also not a way to store items vertically, which is important to prevent spillage of hair products and liquid makeup products.

Keep your products safe and be ready to set up instantly with a professional makeup trolley case from Lumina Pro. With velcro-secured, stackable pouches, multiple zippered compartments, and vertical holding sleeves, you can keep everything in place even as you’re on-the-go. Plus, enjoy the freedom to roll your case behind you rather than lugging a heavy train case around! 

A professional MUA trolley case is an investment in your craft. It’s the perfect way to streamline your gigs and keep your valuable products organized and safe.