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Smart Illuminate LED Round Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen and Anti-Fog Features

Smart Illuminate LED Round Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen and Anti-Fog Features

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The Smart Illuminate Round Lighted Vanity Mirror brings sophisticated technology to your bathroom. Designed with touch screen capabilities, this mirror allows you to adjust the lighting to your preference. The built-in anti-fog feature ensures a clear reflection at all times, while the eco-friendly silver glass provides a high-definition image.

  • Shape: Round

  • Frame Material: 10% Aluminum Alloy, 90% HD Glass

  • Color Temperature: 3500K to 6500K

  • Power: 24W

  • Operating Voltage: DC12V

  • Mounting: Hard-wired with backlit lighting

  • Waterproof Rating: IP44

  • Diameter: 24 inches

  • Adjustable Lighting: Three color temperatures with dimmable LED lights for optimal visibility.

  • Touch Screen Control: Easily switch on/off and adjust brightness with a simple touch.

  • Anti-Fog Technology: Maintains a clear view in steamy conditions.

  • Waterproof Design: Rated IP44 for safe use in bathroom environments.

  • Eco-Friendly Glass: Made with copper-free silver glass for a durable, environmentally-conscious design.

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Yes, it includes an anti-fog function for a clear reflection.

Absolutely, it's rated IP44 for water resistance.
The mirror has a diameter of 24 inches.
It features a 5mm copper-free eco-friendly silver glass mirror with an aluminum alloy frame.
Yes, it is ideal for bathrooms, restrooms, and makeup rooms.

The touch screen controls allow for easy adjustment of light colors and brightness.

The smart memory function recalls your last used settings for convenience.

The mirror's surface can be cleaned with a 30% cleaning diluent, and the frame should be wiped with a dry towel.

The LED provides white, warm, and natural white light to suit various needs.

It operates on a 12V/3A output voltage and requires a DC12V power connection.