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Vanity Desk with Integrated LED RGB Makeup Mirror and Power Strip

Vanity Desk with Integrated LED RGB Makeup Mirror and Power Strip

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Enhance your beauty routine with our versatile White Vanity Desk, equipped with an LED mirror and ample storage solutions. This modern vanity table comes with a smart mirror that displays time, helping you manage your makeup sessions efficiently. Choose from three light color modes—warm yellow, warm white, and cool white—to suit various makeup needs, all adjustable via a simple touch. The built-in power strip with standard sockets and USB ports allows you to easily charge devices and use beauty appliances right at your desk. Organize all your cosmetics, tools, and jewelry with five drawers, additional cabinets, and hidden shelves, ensuring a clean and tidy setup.
  • Color: White with brown accents

  • Material: Durable manufactured wood

  • Lighting: RGB LED with three color modes

  • Power Supply: Includes 2 plug sockets and 2 USB ports

  • Furniture Finish: Smooth, clean white finish suitable for various decor styles

  • Depth: 43.3 inches

  • Width: 15.7 inches

  • Height: 55.1 inches

  • LED Mirror with Time Display: Stay punctual with a built-in clock on the mirror.

  • Adjustable Brightness and Color Modes: Tailor your lighting for any makeup application.

  • Built-in Power Strip: Convenient charging and power supply for beauty appliances.

  • Extensive Storage: Five drawers, multiple cabinets, and shelves provide ample space.

  • Easy Assembly: Comes with clear instructions for quick setup.

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The LED mirror features adjustable brightness and three color modes: warm yellow, warm white, and cool white, perfect for different times of day and makeup needs.
The time on the LED display can be easily adjusted and calibrated through the touch screen interface, ensuring you are always on schedule while preparing.
The vanity includes a built-in power strip with two standard plug sockets and two USB ports, ideal for using and charging various devices and beauty tools.
This vanity offers five drawers, four storage cabinets, two-layer hidden shelves behind glass doors, and additional open shelves, providing extensive space to organize all your beauty essentials.
Yes, it comes with detailed instructions and all necessary accessories, making the assembly process straightforward and quick.
While the LED lights are primarily designed to assist with makeup application, they can also provide substantial ambient lighting for your room.
With multiple drawers and compartments, this vanity desk allows for organized storage of all beauty products, tools, and accessories, keeping your space clutter-free.
The desk is crafted from high-quality manufactured wood with a durable finish, ensuring longevity and sturdiness.
Despite its generous storage, the sleek design of this vanity makes it suitable for small bedrooms or bathrooms, maximizing space efficiently.
The combination of smart features like an LED time-display mirror, customizable lighting, extensive storage options, and built-in power supply makes this vanity desk an indispensable addition to any makeup lover's space, offering convenience and style.