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Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you're a makeup-obsessed human, 'enough space' probably isn't part of your vocabulary. Clutter can come with all our lotions, potions, and tools. Can you see Marie Kondo's disappointed look out of the corner of your eye?

Today, we're going to take a closer look at makeup organization in small spaces. It doesn't have to be overly complicated or cost the earth, but you can find chic ways to conquer clutter and find whatever you need whenever you need it.

Grab yourself an iced latte and a piece of paper; you'll want to take notes!

Makeup Organization for Small Spaces


Before we get into some fantastic makeup storage items, let's look at some tips and tricks to storing makeup in a small space. If you make purchases before getting clear on what you need and how your area operates, you'll waste money that you could be spending on that new Charlotte Tilbury collection. (We have our eyes on that sun-kissed glow cream bronzer. So smooth!)

  1. Streamline Your Collection

We know this is hard, and ideally, you want to keep a hold of everything from that ol' limited edition MAC palette to the first lipgloss your mom ever bought you. However, makeup has an expiration date. It's time to go through and toss the expired items. You wouldn't keep a moldy pear, would you? Then it's high time you work through your collection and kick extinct things to the curb.

  1. Categorize Your Makeup

If you have a makeup collection that rivals Lisa Eldridge's, you must distinguish between your everyday favorites and your special occasion products. You probably don't need the super sparkly highlighter to live next to your Monday at the office basic blush. Keep the things you use less stored away but easily accessible to avoid forgetting about them.

  1. Labels are Your Friend

Come on; you can level with us. Do you even remember what's in your third drawer from the top? We didn't think so. Bust out the label maker or practice your calligraphy to find things in a jiffy. You'll be impressed by how much time you save.

"Your storage space is your private paradise, so personalize it to the fullest."

-Marie Kondo

The organization queen herself has spoken- onto the products!


Lumina Pro - 5 Drawer Acrylic Makeup Organizer


Clear, space-saving, and chic all in one

Don't have drawers to affix all your beautiful new labels to? No problem, with this 5 Drawer Makeup Organizer, you can declutter your vanity and showcase the beautiful packaging. Keep everything neat and tidy as well as easily accessible. Goodbye to things flying everywhere and not being able to find what you need. An acrylic makeup organizer is one of the best ways to see what you have with one glance and fight against that dreaded lack of object permanence!


Chris.W - Desk Drawer Organizer


Adjustable and out of sight

Wow, you're lucky enough to have actual drawers to hide your treasures in? Lucky you! You still can't find a thing because there's mascara flying everywhere, pigment exploded in that one drawer, and you're pretty sure that rose lipstick has gone to the same place as your single sock.

Drawer organizers to the rescue. After all, you probably don't throw all your cutlery into an empty drawer. These are adjustable and can be wiped down and disinfected when you have a much-needed cleaning and organizing session every few weeks. Sorry to break it to you, but no system will keep you from never having to do that!

Psst, while you're organizing and streamlining, you may wish to give your makeup a new, clean lease on life by disinfecting it with one of these sprays—peace of mind in a bottle.


Lumina Pro - 5 Slot Makeup Brush Organizer with Lid


Hygienic, stylish, and uncluttered

Makeup brushes present such a makeup organization challenge. They are often one of the items that cost the most and can last you the longest, but how do you keep their bristles from getting damaged, dusty or dirty?


Many people choose a pretty jar on their vanity, but the lack of a lid makes everything feel a little icky. Can you trust how clean your brush is after being exposed to the elements all week? Alternatively, some simply chuck them in the bottom of a makeup bag, only to retrieve them with bristles going every which way and some mystery powder attached.


Lumina Pro's 5 Slot Makeup Brush Organizer says goodbye to all of these problems by offering plenty of clear, acrylic storage and an easy way to lift the lid and grab a clean, hygienic brush from their upright storage solution. We think this is ingenious and can't imagine storing our precious brushes any other way.


CHOMEIU - Travel Makeup Case


Sleek, tidy, and multi-purpose

Do you live in a tiny house, an NYC apartment, or a college dorm? Then an elaborate makeup storage solution may not work for you. Instead, you might consider a travel makeup case with different sized compartments to keep everything tidy. The best part? You don't have to unpack when you get home from globetrotting. It's all ready to go. This way, you can go from your vacation alter ego to business casual brunch in 60 seconds flat. If your new beau invites you on a spur-of-the-moment Paris weekend, you can be ready before he can say, "First class tickets!'


Lumina Pro - 4 Slot Acrylic Beauty Sponge Holder


Innovative and irreplaceable storage

The beauty sponge is a game-changer when it comes to makeup application. Fact. Nonetheless, we find ourselves getting them dirty and leaving them in some of the ickiest places. Ours have even been chewed up by the dog before. If only there were an acrylic storage solution that could add sophisticated glamor to your vanity station while also keeping your beauty blenders safe and clean. Wait, there is? Level up with high-quality clear lucite and a custom diamante knob. It's the storage solution you didn't know you needed, but you won't ever want to be without!

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