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10X Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror with Smart Touch Control

10X Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror with Smart Touch Control

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 This LED Lighted Vanity Mirror features a powerful 10x magnification panel for flawless makeup application, even for the most intricate details. Plus, the smart touch control with adjustable brightness lets you achieve perfect lighting every time. Comes in Black and White Colour. Never struggle with bad lighting again - see every detail and apply makeup like a pro with this LED lighted makeup vanity mirror. Order yours today and enjoy free shipping!

  • Room Type: Ideal for both Bedroom and Bathroom use

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Frame Material: Sturdy aluminum alloy

  • Magnification: Detachable 10X magnifying mirror

  • Lighting: Long-lasting LEDs with over 50,000 hours of light

  • Extras: Includes USB port and phone holder for added convenience

  • Length: 24.2 inches

  • Height: 19.7 inches

  • Width: 5 inches

  • Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature: Switch between warm white (3000K), natural white (4500K), and cool white (6000K) with touch controls. Brightness is adjustable from 20% to 100% to match your environment and makeup needs.

  • Multi-Functional Design: Equipped with a USB charging port and a detachable phone holder, making it easy to charge devices and watch tutorials as you apply makeup.

  • Versatile Installation: Set up on any desktop with its removable base or mount on the wall with pre-installed screws for a seamless fit in any room.

  • Eye-Friendly LED Lights: Features 180 encrypted lamp beads per meter, providing bright, even lighting that’s gentle on the eyes and perfect for every beauty task.

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Simply use the smart touch control to switch between different lighting colors.

The mirror requires an electrical source for the LED lights, and it comes with a USB port for charging devices.

The 10X magnifying mirror is detachable for flexible use.

Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals to preserve the integrity of the glass and frame.

The mirror has two hanging holes on the back and comes with pre-installed screws for easy wall mounting.

We offer a 12-month warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Yes, the brightness can be adjusted from 20% to 100% to provide perfect lighting any time of day.

Yes, the mirror is made with explosion-proof, copper-free silver-plated glass for added safety.

Absolutely, the professional lighting and adjustable settings make it ideal for artists.

The mirror is designed to be lightweight yet durable, suitable for both portable and fixed setups.