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Full Length LED Hollywood Glam Mirror

Full Length LED Hollywood Glam Mirror

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Our Full Length Vanity Mirror With LED Light Bulbs is designed for versatility and style. The full-size mirror, measuring 63''T x 24''L (160 x 60 cm), offers a comprehensive view, allowing you to see your entire figure at a glance. It comes with smart buttons for controlling light colors and brightness, providing daylight, natural light, and warm light options to cater to different environments. This mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically, or simply leaned against the wall for an easy setup. The aluminum alloy frame is durable, rust-resistant, and coupled with explosion-proof glass, ensuring safety and longevity. This full-length dressing mirror enhances any bedroom, bathroom, living space, salon, or clothing store.

  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy

  • Product weight: 24 pounds (11 kg)

  • Shipping weight: 33 pounds (15 kg)

  • Maximum power: 10.4W

  • Power supply: DC12V/1A

  • Color temperature: Daylight 6500K, Warm light 3200K

Full size: 63''T x 24''L (160 x 60cm)
Glass size: 59.6''T x 20.2''L (151.4 x 51.4cm)
Thickness: 0.9in (23mm)

  • Full length for a comprehensive view

  • Smart button operation for light and brightness settings

  • LED bulbs with adjustable colors and brightness

  • Two installation options: wall-mounted or floor standing

  • Explosion-proof glass for added safety

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The mirror's dimensions are 63''T x 24''L (160 x 60cm) with a depth of 0.9 inches (23mm), providing a full-body view.
The smart buttons control the switch, light colors, and brightness levels with simplicity, offering three different lighting colors and brightness levels.
The mirror can be installed two ways: wall-mounted vertically or horizontally, or positioned as a free-standing piece leaning against the wall.
It uses explosion-proof glass, which adds a layer of safety by preventing splinters if the glass is ever broken.
This versatile mirror is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, living spaces, as well as commercial settings like hair salons, beauty salons, and clothing stores.
The light settings can be adjusted using the smart buttons, which allow you to switch between daylight, natural light, and warm light, as well as vary the brightness according to your preference.
The frame is made from aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and resistance to rust.
The mirror includes an aluminum alloy structure that is durable and rust-resistant, and explosion-proof glass for additional safety.
The mirror requires a DC12V/1A power supply, and the maximum power usage is 10.4W.
The mirror's LED lights can be adjusted to daylight (6500K) or warm light (3200K) to accommodate different lighting needs throughout the day.